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Latest news

Universalviewer I started a page about the Universalviewer. On this page an Apache setup with the IIPImage Server on Windows 10 is explained. Additionally the creation of an own manifest.json is outlined. 24.04.2019
Node.js I started a page about programming a Node.js application. 13.03.2019

Further changes

Main topics of the homepage

A library containing several image and video processing algorithms.


Field reports and documentations about:
Ubuntu Linux, Firefox, Internet Explorer, C#, Shell Scripting, SQL Server, IIS, ...

Uni pages
Works made during my time at the
Vienna University of Technology.

Coder links
Homepages of friends and colleagues
APIs, Java tutorials, developer tools
web development, Firefox Add-Ons

Interactive comparisons between planets
Astronomy links

Projekt XXIII
My first field work at the
Vienna University of Technology
Together with Christian Wagner I worked on
video and image processing topics.